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Florint's Events Calendar is the most comprehensive list of upcoming floristry and flower trade-related events available on the internet. We aim to include all the world's key trade shows and floral art happenings and fairs. The visual calendar below shows the events in a useful agenda format. Items are also listed chronologically on this scrollable page (you can search by hitting ctrl+f on your keyboard).


Southport Flower Show 2014 - Victoria Park (UK)

14-08-2014 / 17-08-2014

The Southport Flower Show 2014 at Victoria Park will feature show gardens, trade stands, a grand Floral Marquee as well as food and book-related exhibits. The 2014 theme is 'Brazil'. 

Opens external link in new windowHave a look at the website if you're interested.


Singapore Garden Festival 2014

16-08-2014 / 24-08-2014

The Singapore Garden Festival will return to Gardens by the Bay for the fifth time, for a spectacular festival featuring fantastic gardens and flower shows.

Opens external link in new windowClick here for the website.


German Florist Championship (DMF) 2014 - Berlin

22-08-2014 / 23-08-2014

The German Floristry Championship - or Deutsche Meisterschaft der Floristen - is returning to Berlin's famous Potsdamer Platz Arkaden in August. Expect a spectacle!

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Flowers@Oxford 2014 - Oxford (UK)

22-08-2014 / 24-08-2014

The new Flowers@Oxford event will turn the famous university's Lady Margaret Hall into the epicenter of professional floral design, with many celebrity designers in attendance.

Opens external link in new windowCheck out the official website here.


Floratech IPM India - Bangalore (India)

22-08-2014 / 24-08-2014

Floratech IPM India, the newest addition to the IPM list of trade fairs, will take place in Bangalore and service the Indian and wider South Asian region. 

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Belgian Floral Art Championship 2014 - Ghent


Belgium's Florist Championship, or the Belgian Floral Art Cup, will be organized by florist association KUFB in Ghent on August 25. Who will become the country's premier florist!?

More Opens external link in new windowon the KUFB website.


Florall Autumn Fair 2014 - Ghent (Belgium)

26-08-2014 / 27-08-2014

Florall 2014 in the Flanders Expo in Ghent is a long-established ornamental plants trade fair. This is the event's annual autumn edition.

All additional info at Opens external link in new windowthe Florall website.


Plantarium 2014 - Boskoop (NL)

27-08-2014 / 30-08-2014

Nursery stock trade fair Plantarium 2014 will have suppliers from all over the world showcasing the latest products. The theme for this year is 'Communication'.

More on Opens external link in new windowthe website.


Batalla de Flores 2014 - Laredo (Spain)


Batalla de Flores is an annual Spanish flower festival, centering on a parade of beautiful floral floats, organized for the 105th time (!) this year. 

Opens external link in new windowFind the website here.


Tendence 2014 - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

30-08-2014 / 02-09-2014

Tendence 2014 is a large international consumer goods fair with a fair share of attention paid to floral products.

Find out more Opens external link in new windowat the website.


Spoga+gafa 2014 - Cologne (Germany)

31-08-2014 / 02-09-2014

Renowned garden trade fair Spoga+gafa returns to Cologne in 2014, offering fresh green inspiration.

Get a taste at Opens external link in new windowthe official website.


Four Oaks Trade Show 2014 - Cheshire (UK)

02-09-2014 / 03-09-2014

The Four Oaks Trade Show is a famous commercial ornamental horticulture show in Cheshire, already in its 44th year. 

More info on Opens external link in new windowthe official site.


Maison et Objet 2014 - Paris (France)

05-09-2014 / 09-09-2014

Maison et Objet 2014 in Paris will present everything related to the home deco segment, including plenty of floristry-related products. 

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Flormart 2014 - Padova (Italy)

10-09-2014 / 12-09-2014

International flower, nursery and garden show Flormart will be returning to Padova (Italy) for its 65th edition in 2014.

The website is Opens external link in new windowavailable here.


World Orchid Conference 2014 - Johannesburg (SA)

10-09-2014 / 14-09-2014

The 21st World Orchid Conference & Show in South Africa's Johannesburg is devoted to all aspects of 'Orchidology'. The official theme will be "Orchids: Gold in the Green Age".

Read more about it on Opens external link in new windowthe official website.


31st World Flower Council Summit - Zagreb (Croatia)

11-09-2014 / 14-09-2014

The World Flower Council will gather for its 31st annual summit in historical Zagreb, to showcase lots of floral innovation and celebrate 'Timeless Traditions'. 

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Glee 2014 - Birmingham (UK)

14-09-2014 / 16-09-2014

Glee Birmingham is a green sector trade fair for the UK region featuring pretty much everything for the garden industry.

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FlowersExpo 2014 - Moscow (Russia)

17-09-2014 / 19-09-2014

The well-known annual Russian FlowersExpo will take place from September 17 to 19 of 2014, at the Crocus Expo. 

Details on Opens external link in new windowthe website.


Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2014 - Naivasha (Kenya)

19-09-2014 / 20-09-2014

The Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2014 will bring together representatives from nearly all of the flower farms in the East African region.

Opens external link in new windowSee also the website.


2014 Florint General Assembly - Brussels (Belgium)

26-09-2014 / 29-09-2014

International Florist Organisation's 2014 General Assembly in Brussels will entail an inspiring, event-packed weekend, including a trip to Fleuramour! Opens internal link in current windowYou can read more about it here.


Fleuramour 2014 - Alden Biesen (Belgium)

26-09-2014 / 29-09-2014

The 'Passion for Flowers' will once again be revived during fabulous floristry festival Fleuramour 2014, at Belgium's impressive Alden Biesen National Commandery.

Opens external link in new windowClick here for the website.


Finnish Florist Championship 2014 - Oulu (Finland)

27-09-2014 / 28-09-2014

On September 27 and 28 the Opens external link in new windowFinnish Florist Association will hold its annual championship, to determine the country's number one florist who also gets to represent the nation at the Europa Cup!

Opens external link in new windowMore information is available here.


Iberflora 2014 - Valencia (Spain)

01-10-2014 / 03-10-2014

Iberflora is a renowned Spanish green sector trade fair that will have around 400 exhibitors showcasing plants, flowers, gardening technology and the like. 

Opens external link in new windowDo check out the website.


FlorEcuador Agriflor 2014 - Quito

01-10-2014 / 04-10-2014

FlorEcuador Agriflor 2014 by HPP Exhibitions is an important trade fair for the (ornamental) horticulture industry in, around and related to Ecuador.

Opens external link in new windowPlease find the website here.


EuroSkills 2014 - Lille (France)

02-10-2014 / 04-10-2014

European vocational skills competition EuroSkills will take place in Lille in 2014. The event features a floristry segment, aside from the countless other vocations that are represented.

Read more on Opens external link in new windowthe official website.


Orticolario 2014 - Villa Erbe (Italy)

03-10-2014 / 05-10-2014

Orticolario 2014 at the beautiful Villa Erbe mansion and historic English garden next to Lake Como is a home and garden show that will feature endless plant and flower beauty.

Opens external link in new windowSee the (Italian) website here.


IFEX International Flower Expo - Tokyo (Japan)

15-10-2014 / 17-10-2014

IFEX Japan is one of, if not the, largest floriculture and horticulture trade show on the Asian continent. It will take place at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo.

Opens external link in new windowTake me to the official website.


FleurEx 2014 - Warwickshire (UK)

25-10-2014 / 26-10-2014

FleurEx is the official annual British Florist Association trade fair for UK professional florists. The 2014 edition will feature various floral competitions and demonstrations and take place at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire. 

Opens external link in new windowClick here for the BFA FleurEx website.

Expo FIHOQ 2014 - Montreal (Canada)

29-10-2014 / 31-10-2014

Expo FIHOQ is a key Canadian trade fair for ornamental horticulturalists and other green sector professionals.

Find Opens external link in new windowthe website here.


VBW Flowercup 2014 Finals - Aalsmeer (Netherlands)


VBW Flowercup is the new name for the long-standing annual Dutch 'flower bouquet contest', a part of Floral Movement. The main theme of the finals in Aalsmeer will be 'Christmas' this year.

Opens external link in new windowClick here for additional info.


IFTF 2014 - Vijfhuizen (The Netherlands)

06-11-2014 / 08-11-2014

The IFTF 2014, or International Floriculture Trade Fair, is one of the largest industry events around the world, serving all segments of the floriculture chain. The venue is once again the Expo Haarlemmermeer, in Vijfhuizen. 

Opens external link in new windowSee the website.


IPM Dubai 2014 - Dubai (UAE)

09-11-2014 / 11-11-2014

IPM Dubai is the most important horticulture trade event in the Middle East, drawing more and more global interest every year. The venue is the Dubai World Trade Center.

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Int'l Pot Plant & Garden Expo - Guangzhou (China)

27-11-2014 / 29-11-2014

The International Pot Plant & Garden Expo (IPGEXPO) 2014 in China's Guangzhou is a key green sector trade fair for southern China and a sister expo of HortiflorExpo China.

Please see Opens external link in new windowthe website for details.


Flower Show Turkey 2014 - Istanbul

27-11-2014 / 30-12-2014

Flower Show Turkey 2014, part of the Eurasia Plant Fair, will take place at the Istanbul Fair Center (CNR Expo).

All info Opens external link in new windowhere, on the website.


IPM ESSEN 2015 - Essen (Germany)

27-01-2015 / 30-01-2015

The trade fair that doesn't really require any introduction, IPM ESSEN, will return to the Messe in January of 2015. Book your tickets early!

See Opens external link in new windowthe website.


Alpe Adria Austria Cup 2015 - Wels

26-03-2015 / 29-03-2015

The Alpe Adria Cup is Austria's premier floristry championship, pitting the country's best designers as well as those of neighboring countries against each other. The cup is part of the 'Blooming Austria' exhibition, taking place in the city of Wels. 

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'Europa Cup' Floristry Championship 2015

07-04-2016 / 09-04-2016

The 'Europa Cup' European Floristry Championship is the number one competition for florists in Europe. The 2015 edition in Genoa, Italy, has unfortunately been postponed to 2016 due to unforeseen complications!

More information here or on Opens external link in new windowthe Facebook page.